Uploading a File

Use the compose tool to upload files that you want your audience to see! This gives your community members an opportunity to share reports, spreadsheets, or even presentation slides with other members. 

The best part? It gives readers a chance to read it or print it all within the hub! 

Here's how to upload a file: 

    1. Click on the  Content icon located on your cover image or header bar. 

    2. Click Upload File.
    3. Click the Upload File button to select a file from your desktop. 

      You are able to upload the following file formats: jpeg, gif, png, pdf, docx, xlsx, and pptx. The maximum file size is 10 MB per file.

    4. Type your insights either before or after the uploaded file. Click on Add some context... to write before the post. 
    5. Click the Title Image box to upload an image that appears in the hub stream.
    6. Select the collection of this post with using the Collections Drop-down menu. 
    7. Enter tags for the post. 

    8. Click the Post button.


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