September 2, 2016 Release Notes

Dates Included: August 6 - September 2, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Improvement to social amplification metrics for potential reach 
  • All canonical URL tags are now https 
  • Updates to the French locale language terms 

Feature Updates

  • Beta analytics feature deployed to all hubs 
  • Google analytics integration is now accessible in the Integrations page
  • Embedded widget HTML code can now be accessed for public hubs
  • Additional advanced hub options 
    • Opening posts in a new tab 
    • Social share appearing by hovering over a post

  • Modifications to the hub add-ons to include 
    • Custom CSS 
    • Custom Javascript 
    • Adding meta tags to the hub

  • New integrations with third party applications 
    • Intercom
    • SumoMe

  • New support for tracking pixels
    • Facebook
    • Hubspot 
    • Marketo Munchkin code
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