Amplifying your Post's Reach

Leverage your network's network by using Pressly's amplification feature. It's a powerful tool to help maximize the reach of your content. 

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Using the Amplification Tool

    1. Access the amplification tool by
      • Clicking the  More Options icon > Amplification for the post you wish to amplify on the hub stream, or by

      • Clicking the  Content icon > Manage Content. Click the statistics to show the amplification tool. 

    2. Click the Ask Members to Share button. 

    3. Select the checkboxes next to the team roles you want to help amplify the post. 

    4. Enter a share text that will appear by default when someone shares the post to their social network. 
    5. Enter a message that encourages your team to share this post and why they should do so! 
    6. Click the Send Request button.

Through the Manage Content page, you can track

  • The number of members and who has shared the post,
  • The potential reach of the post,
  • The number of views of the post, and
  • Where the post has been shared.

What do my Teammates See? 

Currently, team members who have been asked to share a post will receive a notification from within the platform. 

They will have the options to

  • Share the post via their personal LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook accounts,
  • Customize the share message that appears when they share the post, and 
  • Connect additional social media accounts to Pressly. 


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