Social Amplification Basics

Whether you’ve got five or five thousand followers, one of the best ways to start building your audience and getting eyes on your content is through social amplification.

You might already be sharing your content through social distribution; this includes broadcasting your content widely via all social channels (and hoping your content gets in front of the right people). There are a few methods to do this via Pressly, learn how here!

Social amplification takes a more targeted approach and leverages your existing network of employees, partners, and influencers.

How does it work? 

Pressly has a social amplification tool that makes this easier than ever! 

  1. Just pick a piece of content from your hub you think is important or that your hub team members will enjoy
  2. Include your message, and
  3. We’ll generate an email and in-platform notifications that lets people share your post to their personal social networks! 

For a complete walkthrough of using the amplification tool, read our help topic Amplifying your Post's Reach.

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