Embedding Posts Into A Website

If you want to feature the content curated into a hub on your website, you can use the Embed tool to do so! 

When you do so, anyone on another web property can see what kinds of content you're curating. They also don't have to be taken off your site if you don't want them to leave. The best part is that it works seamlessly with any website. Here's an example: 

Generating an Embed Code

To embed your posts, you'll need to create an embed code that you will paste onto your website's HTML code. 

  1. Navigate to the hub you want to embed onto your site.
  2. Click on the  Compose icon > Embeds.
  3. Click on the Get Started button next to the style of embed you would like to create:
    • Stream - this most closely resembles what you see on the hub
    • Carousel - creates a rotating selection of posts 
    • Playlist - used mainly for hubs with a lot of video content 
    • Gallery - used if your hub has lots of imagery 

  4. Let's use Stream for our example. You have access to a variety of default options, they're explained below. Configure your embed widgets as you'd like. You can see live changes on the preview section.
  5. Click on the Get Code button. Here, you'll see an HTML snippet to integrate onto your website.

Default Embed Options

This section describes the various options you have when setting up an embed for your website. Not all of the options will appear for each style of embed widget.

Field  Description Options
Sort Order  The order by which your content is retrieved for your embed  Dropdown: Most recent, least recent, random
Only Show What will show on your embed  Dropdown: All, photo only, link only
Page Mode If the Load More button will replace existing tiles or add more tiles onto the page (Stream option only)  Dropdown: Append, Replace 
Limit Articles To  How many articles will showcase or load  Numeric field 
Background Color The color that appears behind post tiles  Hex code field 
Skin The overall visual look of the tiles  Dropdown: Default, Photo heavy
Blocks Per Page  The row of tiles that appear in your embed on first load  Dropdown: 1, 2, 3 
Filter By Tag Load only content with a specific tag in the hub. Text field 
Accent Color Secondary color elements on the tile  Hex code field 
Show Collections Navigation?  Includes the collections navigation of your hub above the embed widget Checkbox 
Allow Social Share?  Enables social share icons on tiles  Checkbox 
Show Article Tags? Displays all tags associated with the post  Checkbox 
Show Article Byline? Displays the description of the post if entered via post settings Checkbox 
Show Article Context? Displays the context of the post Checkbox 
Show Collaborator Header?  Displays the collaborator and time of publishing  Checkbox 
Inline Spotlight When the user clicks on the embed, does  a light box appear or does it start a new tab taking the user to the hub?  Checkbox 
Carousel Duration The frequency at which the carousel rotates between articles (Carousel option only) Numeric field 
Slab Width  The width of the tiles on the embed (Gallery option only) Numeric field in px
Gutter Width The width between tiles on the embed (Gallery option only) Numeric field in px

Want some more flexibility? Ask your Customer Success Manager about our API documentation. You can build any type of embed you'd like using it!

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