Scheduling a Post for a Later Time

You are able to schedule content so that your curation efforts can actively plan when and what gets launched to your hub.

Scheduling a Post

To schedule a post, you must be either sharing a URL, uploading a file, or composing an original post. Need a refresher on what that means? Check out our Posting Basics article

Here's how you can schedule a post where you're curating an external URL: 

  1. Click the  Compose Icon from your hub. 
  2. Click Share Link and paste the URL of the site you want to post. 
  3. Click the  Schedule icon in the compose tool. 

  4. Select a date and time for the post to be published. 
  5. Click the Save button. 

Did you know you can also schedule social shares once a post is public? The Schedule icon is also accessible on the share modal!

Changing the Scheduled Time of a Post

Once you have scheduled a time for a post, you can still change the time when it will get published. 

  1. Click the  Content icon.
  2. Click Scheduled on the navigation menu.
  3. Click the post you want to reschedule. 
  4. Click the Date & Time selector to find a new scheduled time. 

  5. Click the Update button.  

You can use the same steps to unschedule a post. After step 3, click the Unschedule button to do so.

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