Understanding Collections and Tags

When you post content to your hub, you have the options of associating the content with a collection and tags. 

Collections allow you to group all your content into broad general categories. They have their own navigation, seen below the header bar of your hub.

For instance, the Happiness Hub is dedicated to making visitors smile! The owner chose to use collections as a way to categorize the types of media such as videos or photographs.

Read more about collections in our help topic Hubs Versus Collections

Collections Navigation Tags

Tags, in contrast, is more directly related to the particular piece of content. There are two sub-categories of tags.

The first type are tags that appear on the Collections navigation on the hub stream, seen in the image below. They must be enabled using the Collections and Tags page.

For instance, a user might be interested in seeing animal GIFs specifically.

Clicking on the tag "animal" through this menu displays content tagged with "animal" within the collection "GIFS/Memes" 

Tags Found on Tiles

You can also see the tags associated with a post on the tile within the hub stream. When you click a particular tag, all posts with the same tag, regardless of its collection, is displayed. 

These tags can be simply added during the publishing workflow.

The image below shows all posts within the hub tagged with "body", including those associated with different collections.



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