Setting the Frequency of Calls to Actions

You can dictate the frequency of each call to action you enable in a hub. This topic helps you understand how to use the Frequency and Offset options effectively to select the display pattern for a CTA. It's important to find the right balance of being motivating without overwhelming the visitors of your hub. 


To best understand how it works, you'll need to be familiar with blocks. Blocks are content tiles that are physically grouped together. It determines the pattern of how tiles appear in a stream.

Three types of blocks can found in your stream:

  1. Stream Feature Carousel: If you feature any posts, it automatically counts as the first block of a stream.
  2. 2-tiled blocks: Features two tiles in one row. 

  3.  6-tiled blocks: Features two rows of three tiles each. 

Configuring the Frequency and Offset Settings

On the Calls to Action page, you are able to enable and configure the display frequency of your CTAs.

Use the following logic to understand how each option operates:

  1. The Offset drop-down menu determines the placement of your first CTA.
  2. The Frequency drop-down menu sets the number of blocks before to the next appearance of your CTA.
  3. The Offset option sets the number of blocks to add, in addition to the frequency chosen, prior to the appearance of your next CTA.

For the purposes of calculating the next CTA appearances, treat any CTAs contained in a block as a regular tile. 

Let's walk through an example to help clarify this process. Imagine that the following settings were chosen for your CTA. 

  • Frequency: After every 2 blocks
  • Offset: After 2 blocks  
  • No featured posts 

Your CTA appears

  • In the third block of your stream based on the offset setting, and
  • The sixth block of your stream based on the frequency and offset settings. 
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