Creating a Call to Action

Calls to action, or CTAs can help you boost engagement with your viewers. Pressly allows you to create and integrate them into individual hubs or collections to help you target the right audience. 

  1. Click the  Hub Settings icon on the hub cover image.
  2. Click CTAs on the navigation menu. 
  3. Click the New CTA button. 
  4. Enter a name for your call to action. 
  5. Select a size and type using the Size and Type drop-down menus.  
  6. Click on the Collections radio buttons to choose if you want the CTA to be featured in all or some of the hub's collections. 
    1. If you select Individual Collections, select the checkboxes for the collections where you want the CTA to appear. 
  7. Click the Placement radio buttons to select in which views the CTA will appear: stream, spotlight, or gallery. 
  8. Use the Frequency and Offset buttons to determine how often your CTA appears.

    Read more about blocks and how to configure the frequency of CTAs.

  9. Click the Save button. 


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