Call To Action Best Practices

We know...creating alluring and engaging graphics that actually works is an extremely difficult task!

Thankfully, we've done this more than a few times, so we know what works and what doesn't. Check out the tips and tricks we've compiled below! If you ever have questions, never hesitate to contact our support team! 

Think about device compatibility

One of the most important tips to consider is how your CTA will look across devices with different screen sizes. There are a few components that contribute to the feasibility of cross-device CTA designs. 

  1. Modular elements:
    Constrain your design elements to discrete rectangles. It becomes easier to reposition them as the viewable area's dimensions change.

    Try designing to a grid! It will ease the process of reconfiguring your modular elements.

  2. Robust backgrounds:

    Plan ahead by allowing your background to work even when it gets resized or cropped. Also consider graphics that will work without having to be anchored to any side of the screen

  3. Graceful Degradation:

    If you are developing a rich CTA (e.g. one that uses multimedia or heavy amounts of JavaScript or CSS animation), employ a graceful degradation strategy.

    Always test your CTA to see how it performs on old or less powerful devices. If you notice any issues, consider developing a simpler version of the same CTA that will work across devices.

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