Renaming or Deleting Your Collections

If you have an epiphany on how to re-organize your posts and collections, it's simple to modify your collections.

This help topic reviews the steps to help you

Re-naming a Collection

  1. Click the  Hub Settings icon on the cover image or header bar. 
  2. Click Collections & Tags on the navigation menu.
  3. Click the collection you wish to modify. 
  4. Click the Edit next to the collection you want to modify. 
  5. Enter a new name for the collection and click the Save button. 

Deleting a Collection

  1. Navigate to the Collections drop-down menu using steps 1-4 in the section above.
  2. Click the Delete Collection button.
  3. Click Remove on the Remove Collection? dialog box.

Deleting a collection does not delete the posts within it. The posts continue to exist in the hub and is not associated with any collection. 


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