Understanding Hub Privacy Settings

Pressly offers three types of privacy settings that can be selected for each of your hubs. Each type alters the visibility of your curated content. Determine the purpose of your hub and select an option accordingly.

Type  Description  Used best if... 
Public  Anyone can search and find this hub online.  You want to maximize your hub’s exposure and engagement to a larger community.
Private  It is only available to invited users. It will be visible in your organization's hub listing. Team members of the same organization is able to request an invite to join the hub. The topic of the hub/collections are relevant to a small group of team members rather than the entire organization.
Secret It is only available to invited users and is not visible on the organization’s hub listing. You want to keep a personal hub or if the content is confidential.

To change your hub's privacy setting, follow the steps outlined in our Changing Your Hub Name, URL, and Description help topic.

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