Hubs Versus Collections


Hubs are the primary reason why you’re here. They are an online destination that houses all your curated content. Hubs usually are created with a common theme that is interesting to you or your end uses. 

Once you discover relevant content, such as a news article or a youtube video, you can easily post it to a hub. 

Our hubs are also extremely versatile! Think creatively about how our hubs can help achieve your goals, whether it is to boost engagement or to simply share all the cutest puppy videos to your network.

Here's how some of our clients have used their hubs that you can use as inspiration: 

  • An internal knowledge base for your teammates to share content and stay current with industry news! We do this at Pressly :) 

  • A public facing hub to share tips and best practices around your industry to establish your credibility and boost brand loyalty.

  • A hub for a company campaign, with the goal of engaging with your customers, and drive traffic to your website and social accounts. 


Within each hub, you can also organize your content by creating collections. When posting content, you can choose to include it in a collection. The content continues to appear in the hub stream, in addition to the collection stream.

All content will continue to be accessible in your hub, but you can also view all posts filed into a particular collection. Your collections are also always accessible at the top of your hub. 

  • You may have a hub about fashion accessories made in your local community. You can then group content about shoes, purses, and belts, into three separate collections.
  • You can have a hub dedicated to an event. One collection can be dedicated to third-party content, whereas another will feature all original posts and tweets from your social account. 
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