Setting Up Feeds

Using feeds is one of the most powerful methods to help you curate content from multiple sources without having to navigate to different social sites to search for content daily. 

By connecting social accounts to Pressly, you will be able to create predefined feeds. For instance, instead of logging into Twitter and a news site separately to search for all your content, you can create feeds to view all your results in Pressly.

Haven't connected your social accounts yet? Read our article on connecting your social accounts.

Setting Up a Feed 

  1. While in a hub, click the  Content icon on the cover image or header bar. 
  2. Click Feeds
  3. Select the type of feed (e.g. RSS, Twitter, etc.) you want to save using the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your search into the search bar then press Enter on your keyboard.

    You can search for multiple items (e.g. #happy #unicorns) to get more specific search results.

    If you are trying to search for an RSS feed, you must enter an RSS URL.

  5. Click the Save as Feed button. 
  6. The feed is now available in your feeds section. Click on the feed you want to view.

  7. Post content using the  Add icon next to content you like. 

Hub to Hub Functionality

You can set up a feed to search one of your existing hubs/collections. This allows you to post content from one hub into another quickly.

To do so, select Pressly as your type of feed.

Content that gets transferred does not get removed from the original hub.

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