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Pressly makes it easy to centralize all your content efforts. With a few clicks, you can curate content from any source, discover posts from feeds, or write your own posts altogether. This help topic is aimed to give you a high level overview of what you can do to publish content into your hub! 

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Composing a Post

The compose tool is one of the best ways to populate your hub with content! It provides you with the opportunity to write your own post featuring your insights, images, and multiple types of content like videos or PowerPoint presentations. This is perfect for users who have ever considered starting a blog or simply want an online hub where they can jot down their thoughts. 

You can also share an external URL such as a news site or YouTube video with your community members. If you have files on your desktop that you'd like to upload onto Pressly, you can do that too! 


Posting Using Social Feeds

Leveraging your social profiles, it's easy to search and save common terms or users into feeds.

For instance, I can save a searches for #customerSuccess on Twitter and @myimable on YouTube as separate feeds. Each day, I can easily scroll through my feeds and add relevant content to my hub without going to Twitter and Facebook respectively.

You are able to do this by setting up your Library. Feeds can be created for

  • RSS feeds,
  • Twitter,
  • Soundcloud,
  • YouTube,
  • Vimeo,
  • Instagram, and
  • Another Pressly hub.

Posting Using Your Browser or Mobile Device

If you are surfing the web and want to quickly post but are not signed into Pressly, you can still post things into your hubs! 

Pressly offers two solutions to help you post right from your browsers:

We also have two mobile applications: one for iOS and another for Android. You can either download them in the App/Play store or find the links on Pressly. 

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