Ordering Your Stream Content

You can determine the order of the posts appearing on your hub or collection stream. Pressly offers a variety of features to help you simply organize the content you've posted.  

  1. Click the  Content icon on the hub you wish to modify.
  2. Click Manage Content on the navigation menu. 
  3. Select a collection using the Collections drop-down menu if you want to organize posts in a specific collection.
  4. Click and drag the  Move icon of a post to determine its order on your hub stream.

  5. Click on the   More Options icon of a post to 
    • Edit a post,
    • Feature a post,
    • Pin a post in its current position,
    • Hide the post, or
    • Delete a post.

Locking a post is a practical way to ensure a post is visible at the beginning of the hub without it being at the top of the stream.
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