Curating an External URL

We know there is a LOT of amazing content (read: funny dog videos) on the web - which is why we make it easy to curate external URLs into your hub! 

Follow these instructions to do so:

  1. Click on the  Content icon located on your cover image or header bar. 

  2. Click Share Link.
  3. Paste a URL into the box provided and press enter.

  4. Add context to tell why people why you're posting this content! 

    If you  have more to say, consider adding more content below the post as well! Learn about your options to add multiple assets and formatting text here

  5. Modify the title, description, or source of the content to ensure proper attribution to the external source.
  6. Click the Title Image box to upload an image that appears in the hub stream.
  7. Select the collection of this post with using the Collections Drop-down menu. 
  8. Enter tags for the post. 

  9. Click the Post button.


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