Composing an Original Post

Pressly isn't just for curating content; you can also write original posts using our compose tool. When authoring a post, you have access to a variety of formatting options, along with the ability to include multiple types of content.

Imagine you're writing a post about your company launch party, you could integrate videos of the launch speech, images of people celebrating, the press release from your website, and a sound bite of your CEO.   

So what do you need to get started? All you need is to be familiar with the three steps below

  1. Authoring a Post
  2. Adding multiple assets
  3. Formatting Your Post

Authoring a Post

  1. Navigate to hub where you want to write original content. 
  2. Click the  Content icon located on the header bar.

  3. Click Compose
  4. Start typing your post! 

    Need to add a title? No worries, change the section style of the first line to H1, learn how here!

  5. Click the Title Image box to upload an image that appears in the hub stream.
  6. Select the collection of this post with using the Collections Drop-down menu. 
  7. Enter tags for the post. 

  8. Click the Post button.

    Not ready to post it just yet, save it as a draft, or schedule the post to be published as a later time using the  Schedule icon.

Adding Assets

No one ever likes reading just text. That's why you're able to write a post that features  additional pieces of content ranging from images, to an external URL, and even an uploaded file. Think of all the possibilities!

When writing your post,

  1. Press enter on your keyboard to start a new line.
  2. Click the Add icon.
  3. Click the type of asset you would like to add to your post. Click
    • Link to add a URL to an external site such as an article or YouTube video.
    • Image to upload a picture from your desktop.
    • Document to upload a file (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, or .pdf with a 10MB maximum) from your desktop.
    • Media to upload a video or audio file. 
    • Gallery to upload multiple images that appear as a carousel. 
    • Widget to add a call-to-action into the post.

Formatting Your Post

Pressly's Compose tool lets you work on your post as it will look once it's published (WYSIWYG). This section reviews the types of formatting options you have.

Section Styling

When you're writing content, you can select the style of an entire section. For example, you can select the first line of your post to look like a header, or select a few lines of text to become a bulleted list.

To select a style, click on the Section Style  icon before you begin writing. Forgot to do it? No problem! Highlight the text you want to style and click on the Section Style icon to select the correct style.


The styles you can use include

  1. Body text
  2. Header 1
  3. Header 2
  4. Quote
  5. Bulleted list
  6. Numbered list
  7. Code block
  8. Text alignment: left, right, centre, justified 
  9. Reduce text size

Text Formatting

You can format specific words or sentences by highlighting the text you want to modify. Use the legend below to identify the options you have:


  1. Bold
  2. Italicize
  3. Underline
  4. Strikethrough
  5. Code text
  6. Super/Subscript
  7. Hyperlink

Asset Formatting

After you've added an asset to your post, you have the ability to modify and format it to fit in with the rest of your post. Use the legend below to understand the options available to you:

  1. Delete the asset 
  2. Move the position of the asset up or down in your post 
  3. Change the image of the asset 
  4. Choose the positioning of the image: full width, left or right aligned (For images only).
  5. Add a caption to an image (For images only). 


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