Inviting Collaborators to a Hub

You can invite others to view, compose, curate, or manage content. Together with your team, you'll be able to build a buzz-worthy hub featuring the web's funniest cat GIFs! 

  1. Click the  Hub Settings icon on the hub cover image or header bar. 
  2. Click Team on the navigation menu. 
  3. Click the Invite button.
  4. Click Set Up to include an optional invite message to your invitees. 
  5. Select the role and permissions you want the invitees to have for the hub.

  6. Invite people
    • by searching for their name or username in the Search tab, or
    • by sending them a URL found in the Invite URL tab.

  7. Click the Invite button. 

If you're the Owner or Moderator of the hub's organization, you can also click the Include an invite to Organization? checkbox to easily add the invitee to your organization.

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