Changing Your Hub Name, URL, and Description

If you ever need to change details about your hub, it can be done so easily using the Hub Settings page! 

  1. Access your Hub Settings by clicking the  Settings icon on the hub you hope to modify.


    You must have moderator status for the hub to be able to access Hub Settings.

  2. Click Settings on the navigation panel. 
  3. Alter any of the following information about your hub on the Hub Profile page:

Hub Name

Give your hub a name that lets everyone know what it's all about. This name will appear on the cover of your hub so make it clear and catchy. But the option to change it is always there, just in case you wanted to further refine it at any point in time. 

Cover Description

A hub description is like a tagline. It is displayed in the cover under the hub name as a quick way to explain what your hub is about. 

There is a 300 character limit to ensure that you're giving your audience a concise explanation of what they can expect!

Extended Description

If you wanted a more detailed explanation of what your hub is about or organization does, you can enter it into the About section of the hub settings. When you do so, a more... link is added to the end of your hub summary. 





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